[Clayart] Glazing bowls with holes

Lis lis.allison at primus.ca
Mon Aug 19 08:29:06 EDT 2019

I found two things that help: larger holes, and making very sure there 
is no dust in them. I use a stiff brush and brush every hole. Actually, 
maybe three things, because I also make sure that the edges of the holes 
are smooth and rounded by running a countersink tool (think that's what 
it's called) around on both sides when the piece is dry.


On 2019-08-19 5:18 a.m., Lou Roess wrote:
> Hi,  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to glaze a filigree bowl, i.e. one with lots of holes in it. Whether I pour, dip or brush, there seem to be lots of spots where the glaze didn’t completely cover.  Would it help to dip the bisqued bowl in water briefly before glazing? It takes so much more time to check each little nook and cranny and full in the unglazed spots with a little brush.  It’s especially hard when the clay and glaze are both white. Can this be helped or is it just the nature of the beast?
> Thanks,  Lou
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