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When teaching, the first ceramics class every semester was spent on
introduction of learning objectives and safe practices in the studio
working with equipment, clay & glazes.


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Hi guys. I am still alive and well. Read more and take more note of
 your notes here at this time, since I had a very busy year this far.

 I know we talked about the “big scare for ceramics materials”
 to the point that some colleges want/or already closed ceramic
 programs, but I thought of bringing it up again, since it looks like
 it is really becoming an issue. Young potters are scared to the point
 that they do not want to mix glazes themselves, which ironically
 all control out of their hands of what they are actually working with
 and no lesser hazard.
 There is an incident that a person reported about a house sale that
 falling through, because they did not declare that they worked with
 “toxic chemicals” in their basement studio.
 I am just shaking my head; we know responsible handling and knowledge
 is key. Maybe something to pay more attention to in class setups.

 Best wishes,
 Antoinette Badenhorst

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