[Clayart] Toxic chemicals. Toxic this? Toxic that!

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Fri Aug 23 21:44:36 EDT 2019

What is really Toxic is that for 6,000 plus years of recorded human history, as a time proven evidentiary precedent, folks are still determined to hold to a vain hope that the next King, "Qween", "DicK'tater", President.... "ad-nauseous" um um um... will be the " chosen one" to fix everything up "differently" and of course just as "they" would have it.

Water is toxic if a substantial quantity is inhaled, food is obviously toxic, in substantial quantities. given the waddling masses one sees everywhere.  So does lead, cobalt, copper, or herbicides et. al. kill any faster than a lard laden heart???  Fat arses are only beautiful in "volume and mass" chalk studies on cheap brown paper.

And guys; if you can't see it when youpee, how do you aim it past the dishes in the sink?

All this "toxic" fear is just a foisted distraction from the really serious issues the world's leaders know they can't ever fix. Just buying time, or "doing time" while "Rome" burns.

There is a sure hope! But unacceptable to the self willed masses hanging tight to the cherished lies.
Who will step out and take an "alternate look at these offered alternatives"?

Woof....makin pots...
I only ever did one card trick where I talked my kids into making choices that caused choosing the card I put there at the bottom of the deck hidden in my pocket. Some learned a life lesson...some chose not to learn!!!! ("How many cards do you want me to pull out before I pull the one you chose????")

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