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Michael, I have to disagree a little with what you have said about the rain
forest.  It is reported that over the last 10 years an area the size of
France has been clear cut and the majority of that turned into fields for
cattle and now, a lot of what is being burned is being turned into soy bean
farms - to replace what China is not buying from the US any more and will
probably never buy again.

And the rain forest in South America is not the only place in the world
this is being done.

As for the forest re-growing - will not happen as it is for several hundred
years, if ever.  Some plants come back but many then crowd out a lot of the
diversity of what what there before.  Just like here in the mountains of NC
when there is a fire - fire cherry is the first that comes back.  It takes
the heat of a fire to open the seed pods and the fire cherry explodes but
in areas that have been burned many, many years ago what is there now is
nothing like what was there before the fire.

An, of course, this doesn't even begin to account for the animals and other
life that is lost forever.  We don't even have a record of some of the
animal and plant life in the rain forest so don't even know what we have

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