[Clayart] soft floor kiln

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Aug 28 13:47:39 EDT 2019

so much good advice..thank you all.

i would like to add that when you buy or build
any kiln it is prudent to understand what it is made
of, how it is made and know for sure that you
can stabilize, change, or repair any kiln.
it is not hard to do.  harbor freight sells a stand
for heavy tools, holds like 150 lbs...18 bucks.

many kilns come with a sorta cheap metal stand...it is ok, does the job
and holds the kiln off the floor.

but, and here is the big butt.  you do not have to use it.
throw it out.
make a nice base out of concrete blocks. like bill says, add some
expanded metal so the base breathes. the metal lifts the kiln
a quarter of an inch off the base.

as stated, many folks do not fire pots on the floor of the kiln.
use two inch furniture and put a full shelf on the bottom.
if you can find one...just put the full shelf on the floor, then
start your stacking.

if you have a kiln near a wall, or in the house, make a
fire proof wall around the kiln.  hardy board is good.
i have a 4x8 sheet of fire proof material on the back wall
that is near the kiln.

if it does not get too heavy some half concrete blocks turned
on their sides...just stack them up. (works great in a garage
on a concrete floor.)

i also put fans on the wall, ceiling and floor near my kiln.
keep the air moving. keep them on low during the firing.

website: www.melpots.com

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