[Clayart] another kiln wash question

Eleanora Eden eeden at vermontel.net
Sat Aug 31 14:55:48 EDT 2019

Hi Clayarters,

The kiln wash recipe I have been using works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t stick well, blisters up in places, creates havoc in glass firing.   So perhaps it is an application problem.  I do gently wet the surface before brushing on the wash, consistency thick cream.

I have scraped fired wash off enough shelves and saved it now that I have, essentially, a batch of calcined kiln wash.  Am thinking of grinding it into fine powder and using it as a wash.  Will do that with a piece of kiln shelving this firing as a test.  Has anybody done this?  Added anything else to the mix? Maybe a bit of gel (gum solution)?

My wash recipe:

2 c. EPK
2 c. calcined EPK
3 c. flint
1 c. alumina hydrate
5 c. H2O



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