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Ric Swenson ricswenson0823 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 31 19:48:15 EDT 2019

 Agreement here Mel.

I guess it was engrained in me long ago to be proud of my work...and to sign it. Mine is a simple RIC /year date....which I scribe into the bottom with a dull chopstick. When dry, I brush off any loose pieces. I also have a stamp which I usually use on the outside lower area of the foot. I have, at times, written my full name on the bottom in cobalt oxide for large platters.

My paintings in acrylic on canvas are always signed in simple all caps SWENSON (small on a bottom edge) and on the wood frame in back RIC SWENSON, the date and my signature in sharpie, (including a  C  within a circle....for copyright)  I also staple my business card to the back with full info.(phone, email, addr.)

It only makes sense to sign your work. Future sales (and maybe ego about the future) demand it.

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