[Clayart] chinese raku

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That was my question.  I don’t believe it was just plain water.   There was one scene where they put some solid material in the cup before adding the liquid.   I remember when I was studying, we did a raku and I used a small bucket of engine oil to quench my cup.  It gave a different surface effect.  I also found a way of slow cooling and light smoking.   I place a brick in a metal bucket,  surrounded it with hardwood blocks, and light them with the torch.   When I took my piece out of the kiln I placed in into the bucket on the brick support and closed the lid tight and let the piece cool slowly. It made for some great copper reds.  Apple green to red.  I don’t do raku now, but if I did, I would pursue the process further. 


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We do a bit of Raku down here in Florida. Obviously they have a flame ware body. At first I thought it was water with coloring oxide mixed in, b/c after the water you got the cool down, spectacular colors and effects.
Rob Hackert
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> On Jul 3, 2019, at 7:24 AM, Robert Harris <robertgharris at gmail.com> wrote:
> Probably too hot to wear anything else?! Just need to move those toes
> quickly.
> Mind you I did see a couple of people who were totally shrouded up - almost
> like bee keepers.
> What was the obsession with pouring water out of bottles though!
> R
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>> wow!  what a great video. what wild kilns!  beautiful work.  man.
>> notice they wore shorts and flip flops while they were doing that?
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