[Clayart] pin holes

mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Fri Jul 5 23:04:51 EDT 2019

dead on david...pin holes almost always come from
bad bisque firing.

most know i fire for speed and perfect body development.
i take everything ron says to be true.
so...i fast fire bisque and i hold the kiln at about 1500 on the cooling
cycle for about 30-50 minutes.
all the junk comes out.

ron suggested that i run experiments in down firing, or holding
bisque firing.  it seems to work well.

in the past i really fired slow and long for bisque.
in some ways. i think i get the same results by down firing, or

others should try and report back.
my bisque ware does not `blow'd up`.
i fire dry pots.

Mel's Website:  www.melpots.com

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