[Clayart] Online china painting course

Paul Lewing pjlewing at comcast.net
Mon Jul 8 13:14:51 EDT 2019

Hi.  I'm not teaching a live workshop anywhere this summer like I usually do, but I am doing my online course again.  Registration is open now until August 5, but the course starts July 22.  If you'd like to take it, go to www.TeachinArt.com, <http://www.teachinart.com,/> and look under courses offered.  If you've taken my live workshop and would like a refresher or have never been able to take the live course, here's your chance.  Or if you know someone who would like to learn to china paint, please pass this on to them.

Thanks, Paul.

Paul Lewing
www.paullewingtile.com <http://www.paullewingtile.com/>
www.paullewingart.com <http://www.paullewingart.com/>
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