[Clayart] Albany Slip

Candace Young brp at embarqmail.com
Sat Jul 13 13:21:55 EDT 2019

Thanks David and Robert,

I guess I just remember the panic when Albany became rare.  I’ll let the folks who want it duke it out.  
Having a sale of 40 years of accumulated studio stuff next week and finding all sorts of treasures.  Still have some chemicals from the 70s when I thought you needed 100 pounds of everything.  I know I’m old when raku potters ask what Frit 14 is used for.  


> Hi Candace,
> several months ago I posted that I had a 5 gallon bucket of pre-1970's Albany slip clay.  The old "good stuff" no response!!!  I think as Robert just said "we have moved on." There are Albany type clays and Faux Albanys till Albany has froze over so to speak.
> When the Albany ceased to be available I dug some local clay, added 30% Neph Sye and had something in wood fire cone 10/12 that  I liked better than that sort of a dead brown for Early American hooch jugs and bean baker pots. I had Jazzed up the Albany with added Iron and a touch of cobalt, but my Red Earth and Neph Sye liner glaze sang a love song that made me forget Albany.
> If I get a slow day I may make some bean pots glazed with Albany and print up a tri-fold story asserting that Albany clay glazed bean pots call us back to Early American patriotic freedom from tyranny and economic oppression. I'll include a plastic baggy filled with Authentic Albany Clay and a map to the Albany Mine. I'm sure modern day folks will relate and rise to their patriotic duty to connect with their ancient ancestral immigrant vision quest for freedom through the humble American Bean Pot.
> Misneach,
> David

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