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David Hendley farmpots at eastex.net
Sun Jul 14 22:04:17 EDT 2019

I use a (non-electric) tjanting tool with my paraffin wax. Never seen, or heard of
an electric one.
As you know, if you've ever used this technique, it is good for free flowing,
loose, and imprecise designs. No matter what you do, expect drips and don't
expect geometric designs or precision. No mistakes can be corrected without
re-bisque firing the piece.

I think liquid wax resist stinks. It just doesn't resist completely as hot was
If you order your paraffin from a place that sells candle making supplies, you
can specify what melting temperature you desire. I use lower melting wax,
and add a little genuine bees wax to it. It is expensive, but it make the wax
more brushable and controllable.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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Has anyone tried using an electric tjanting tool to apply hot wax to bisque. I have tried several 
liquid wax resists and am so far unhappy with the drying rate.
I will try lowering bisque but I need a thick wax line to work with my thickly applied glaze.


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