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Mon Jul 15 08:57:16 EDT 2019

You can get a resist at art supply stores that is used with watercolour. 
It is thick and rubbery but can be painted on with a brush. After you 
dip your piece you peel the resist off. It does resist, but it a job to 
apply. A tjanting tool might work quite well. Worth buying a small 
amount and trying it.


On 2019-07-14 8:43 p.m., Paul Gerhold wrote:
> My problem is the glaze is clay based and has to be very thick to do what I want to achieve. Thin resists just coat over after a couple of coats of glaze.  Can actually clan with moist Q tips but way to much work to be a viable technique. Need a way to get a thick resist layer that dries at a reasonable rate.
> Paul
>> On Jul 14, 2019, at 4:15 PM, Robert Harris <robertgharris at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Paul -
>> I don't see why that wouldn't work. I'd imagine you could use light oil or
>> white spirit to reduce the melting point to work well with any temperature
>> setting/fluidity wanted.
>> I'd also mention that I always dilute my wax emulsion quite significantly.
>> This aids drying time, but I have to admit I still like to give it an hour
>> or two, which really helps even thick glaze come right off.
>> As an off beat idea how about using lacquer or something similar that is
>> alcohol based. Should dry much faster. I know people who do water etching
>> on leather hard clay like lacquer. No idea if it work on bisque however (I
>> could imagine the layer not being quite thick enough to get into pores etc).
>> Robert
>> Ribert
>>> On Sun, Jul 14, 2019, 12:10 PM Paul Gerhold <gerholdclay at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Has anyone tried using an electric tjanting tool to apply hot wax to
>>> bisque. I have tried several liquid wax resists and am so far unhappy with
>>> the drying rate.
>>> I will try lowering bisque but I need a thick wax line to work with my
>>> thickly applied glaze.
>>> Paul
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