[Clayart] Hot wax

Michael Wendt mwendt at wendtpottery.com
Mon Jul 15 09:54:52 EDT 2019

Ceramul A was discontinued by Mobil Corp. and they replaced it with a 
product called Mobil Cer 64 which did not work very well when I first tried 
As I experimented with it, when I tried a heat gun, it finally dried to 
perfection in a few seconds and resisted perfectly.

I am not sure what waxes are available now but this heat gun technique works 
well with the water based wax I currently can get.
I suggest you try water based wax again and use a heat gun to dry the wax.
If the effect you want requires multiple layers of glaze, since it is super 
hydrophobic when dried to a faint yellow sheen, it may well work.

A caution though:

Don't get it too hot because then it turns brown and does not resist.
It needs to look faintly shiny.
Practice will give you the results you need.
I dry my items on a turntable under bright light so I get uniform results 
and flawless resist lines.

Good Luck,
Michael Wendt
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Has anyone tried using an electric tjanting tool to apply hot wax to bisque. 
I have tried several liquid wax resists and am so far unhappy with the 
drying rate.
I will try lowering bisque but I need a thick wax line to work with my 
thickly applied glaze.


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