[Clayart] Hot Wax

eric ciup eciup at gmx.com
Tue Jul 16 06:28:17 EDT 2019

You could try this. Glaze pot. Cover completely with hot wax. Cut
designs through wax and base glaze. Wash pot, here you need to
experiment to get the line you want. Apply second glaze, dip or brush.
Fire to cone 4, vent kiln. The savings of one firing should more than
pay for the extra wax.

I have never tried this. If it works I expect full credit. If it
doesn't, I never heard of you!


On 7/15/19 5:04 PM, Paul Gerhold wrote:
> Here is where I am so far. Bisque at 08. Apply water based wax based resist. Apply three to four coats of brushed glaze. Clean up the glaze on top of the wax with Q tips. Fire to cone one. Fill in the  bare areas with a second glaze. Fire to cone 4 . Results are incredible but not quite the ability to do precise design work I am after.

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