[Clayart] Circuit breakers and kiln wiring

Mahaffey, Rick rmahaffey at tacomacc.edu
Sun Jul 28 16:16:46 EDT 2019


Remember when you turn on or reset a circuit breaker never (NEVER) stand in front of the panel.  Stand to the side and reach in to turn the breaker on.  An electrician I know has had a few blow up and singe his clothes.   One person had 2nd degree burns from a breaker malfunctioning as he turned it on.

On wiring a kiln try to have the kiln as close to the electrical panel as possible.  What ever size wire your electrician recommends make them up size the wire and use copper.  If the wire is too light it will get too hot and produce a nice firing of your studio/house.   It is much better to spend a little more money and be safe.    We used welding cable that was hard to bend it was so thick but it never got too warm to touch the insulation.

"The Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten".  F H Royce  The founder and head engineer of Rolls-Royce Motors in the early days.


Rick Mahaffey
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