[Clayart] funny story

Mel Jacobson melpots at visi.com
Mon Jul 29 06:33:24 EDT 2019

i am getting ready for a big sale, both pots, estate and garage.
i now live with my daughter and son in law.  sharlene is going
to be in a memory care facility for the rest of her life.  things are
going well.  we all get along in my house...as i say, i am the `old
crazy guy living in the basement`..

we joined two houses together a few months back. my son in law
is a professional mechanic and values his tools at 90K.  they are
now at the farm and in my garage. our dining room is full from top
to bottom.   the farm facility is bulging.
we are rushing to get ready for a big sale at our house this next weekend.
invites are all sent.

so, i made about 50 bigger pieces in mel6 with the speckled black and white
glaze.  had a big commission in the middle of all of it.  used my tiny 
kiln to fire
a big platter, and two bowls...alone.  they were perfect.

i had to use the big electric kiln full time.  i had a problem with the
kiln shutting down for a full bisque load.  could not figure it out, 
system was working just fine...re/set the kiln and it fired ok.

i reloaded the kiln with all the pots glazed.  cone 7.  set the cone sitter,
turned on the clock sitter to twelve hours...programed the kiln...turned her
on.  at about 1200"F she shut down.  just shut down.  i re/set everything
and two hours later she shut down again.  now it is 1 a.m.  checked 
was going to call arnold and wake him up...but...unplugged the computer 
and plugged the kiln into manual/ sitter mode. (the controller is not on 
kiln, it sits alone.) set the clock timer and pushed the button
and she took off...only to shut down at 3 a.m.  now it is going on 15 
hours of firing.

re/set everything but turned the clock to 18 hours.  the kiln finished.
called arnold at 7, sputter, spit...complain...i know...i wrote a book 
on kilns.
did not have a clue.

i got out a very powerful flash lite and checked the entire sitter after 
things cooled a bit.
and, there it was.  a tiny drop of kiln wash had landed on the dial of the
clock sitter.  when i set the clock to ten hours, it was really two hours.
the real white dot for setting the time was on the bottom of the dial.  
out of
my site line.

so, no matter what you know, how long you have been doing it, what you
think you know...a kiln can kick you right between the legs. leave you 
for air on the floor.   i did put an ice pack on things..feels better.

i added a big drop of yellow paint against the white dot on both of my 

the firing was totally perfect.

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