[Clayart] bisque temps 08

Mel Jacobson melpots at visi.com
Mon Jul 29 06:46:26 EDT 2019

i have to admit that for almost 55 years i have bisque fired to cone 08.
yes...cone 08.  it works perfectly for me.  i would not change a thing, 
will.  it is cone 08. 

if you have seen my pots, or own my pots i can attest that cone 08 is 
for my clay and glaze.  i layer glazes.  nothing bad happens to my pots
in glaze firing.  i figure that i have about a 98% perfect firing rate.
i do not throw away pots.  i sell them all.

we bisque fire all pots at the farm when we have a gang to cone 08.
we get great pots...raku, salt, stoneware, fast fire, slow fire..wood kiln,
and electric kilns...mel6 clay, stoneware clay, porcelain, and clay from
mn clay, continental, laguna, and bill schran brings a north carolina clay.
fires well.

also, it means i make my glazes to fit.  i count the seconds in the bucket.
i use bentonite in most of my glazes to keep the glazes hard when drying.
it is a system.

the system in mine.

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