[Clayart] crazy story number 2

Mel Jacobson melpots at visi.com
Mon Jul 29 06:59:08 EDT 2019

most all of my machines have broken down.
the pug mill at the farm is kaput.  gear totally worn
\out.  found a like new walker in PA.  it will be picked
up this week and delivered to me.  fair price.
a trucking company that is used by MN Clay will
make the stop.  Mike took care of it.  he brings stuff
from the east everyday.  of course i will pay for the
delivery..but, no private contract to some unknown
trucking company.  this will get done this week.

my old skutt wheel stopped working.  i have had it
for 42 years.  had all the electronics done a couple of years
back.  now the motor died.  took it all apart. took it to
clear lake to Dale.  86 years old, been fixing electric motors
his entire life.  he made it new. all back and it does not make
a sound.  perfection. he told me...`i will guarantee that motor
for 50 years.`...now i have to make pots for 50 more years
to get my money's worth.

lawn mowers are broken, other machines are broken.

parts for machines are coming to the house every day.  thank god
for dave...my son in law can fix anything.
mel     (but, i try to get things fixed before he finds out.)

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