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Gregg Lindsley gerrg42 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 12:50:30 EDT 2019

Hi all!
   Roxanne, we got your  smoke down here in N. Calif. yesterday!  My
neighbors were freaking out, so I did the research and found out there was
nothing burning in ca. at this time, and the smoke was from the big fire up
in your neck of the woods.  we are thankful for that.
  And Mel, honestly, all the things that go wrong with our equipment is
part of what keeps being a studio potter interesting!  Always something
new!  amazing things glazes do, the interaction of the community, equipment
doing weird things, you name it. They say an active mind can stave off old
age, so this is the ticket for me.  (wait, what did you say?).
  I have two large kilns, one a pargaon and one an olympic. the olympic
went all spaz on me not long ago, so we (the olympic tech and I) started
replacing parts. One after another with no result.  finally, I sent the
circuit board back to orton, they reset it, and found nothing wrong. got it
back, the kiln worked just like it should. Called Jim at Orton to find out
why, and the way he explained it was that sometimes boards get a kind of a
brain freeze, creating a logic loop that it can't get out of.
resetting the board apparently fixes it.
Ghosts in the machine!

So never a dull moment, and in some weird way, thank goodness....

Finishing up getting ready for fire season, clearing away dead and dry
material from around the house and studio, and doing the finishing touches
on installing the generator for the house.  our electrical provider,
Pacific Gas and Electric, after being found guilty of starting some of the
biggest fires around here with their lack of attention to equipment
maintenance, is going to be cutting off power to large areas that are under
severe weather conditions, High winds, low humidity, high temps.  This will
help then to not start fires. The down side for us is that they might keep
the power off for up to five days!   Some of that time is during the
weather emergency and some is for them to survey their lines after the
event with helicopters. This could be whole counties!  Or large chunks of
Northern Calif. hasn't happened yet, so we will see how it all works out.
So sales of generators has exploded. I want mine to run a few lights, the
wheel so I can throw, and the frig.  Water is no problem, I have a 2000
gallon tank out back, propane cook stove and wood stove in the fall for
heat. The end of fire season gets cold before the rains come back. there is
no rain at all between July 4th and Halloween.
So the fun never ends!

Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Middletown, Ca. 95461
Function and Beauty
in the Mingei  and
Bauhaus traditions
'At home among the lost and found'
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