[Clayart] paul , electricians

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Jul 29 22:36:59 EDT 2019

our discussion was `breaker box`.  i would not call an electrician to fix
my kiln.  i called arnold howard...paragon kilns.
any quality electrician can test breakers, know what wire
size to drag to a kiln, and set up a plug in.

modern kilns use relays.  if they are cheap, china made...you may have
trouble.  it is like the tv show......
`have you turned it off, and back on again`.
call orton...they say...`probably a relay`.  90 percent of kiln failure
today is the relay.

i have two in a box...ready to replace,
i have twisted coils together using a propane torch and
a pair of pliers.the kiln fired fine for two years.....relay goes out...has to be replaced.
paragon has a nice film of fixing relays.
easy to do.

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