[Clayart] wood stove top humidifier

Dorothy Parshall dorothyp at whidbey.com
Mon Sep 2 09:06:04 EDT 2019

Two reactions:
1: It bothers me when I see wonderful pottery in a thrift shop; I want to buy it all - but don't. Console myself  that the "collector" may have died and heirs do not have the same appreciation. 

2: I went to google wood stove top humidifier, Vince Pitelka, with great curiosity to see what you might have done with this idea. I live with a wood stove as main heat source - and use a beat up metal sauce pan! Google did not cooperate. Pinterest is a major nuisance - I guess I do not know how to navigate. 

I would love to see what You  created as a wood stove top humidifier. 

Dorothy, Quebec and Ontario.

On Sep 1, 2019, at 11:28 PM, Vince Pitelka wrote:

>  The most recent was a
> few years ago - a woman who bought one of my wood stove-top humidifiers at
> the St. Vincent De Paul store in Eureka, CA.  

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