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Here's the web site:
https://www.borax.com/borax-operations/borax-visitor-center [1]


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There is, in fact, a borax museum in Boron, California (or there was,
when I visited
 20 years ago).
 They should be able to answer any questions you have about GB (yes,
there was
 a Mr. Gerstley, that the material is named for). I remember I learned
the detailed
 history while there.
 All of my contact was in pre-internet days - don't know if they have
any on-line
 David Hendley
 david at farmpots.com

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 > I looking for information of the history of Gerstley Borate,
 > especially
 > when and how the mine was discovered and when the material was
 > used
 > as a pottery or glaze ingredient. There is lots of chit-chat on the
 > problems of using it and rumors of its demise, but its background
 > seems to
 > be sparse.
 > Any leads would be appreciated.
 > LT

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[1] https://www.borax.com/borax-operations/borax-visitor-center

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