[Clayart] shino hell

Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Fri Sep 13 10:54:17 EDT 2019

Yes indeed.  And I remember more than one shino "master" who
went whizzing along, all was sweetness and light - and then.  Then.
Panic ensued, questions flew everywhere, answers didn't work out....

Shino is not reliable.  But intermittent reinforcement is the devil and
all to overcome.  Humans are just like dogs, rats, monkeys in that regard.
We keep thinking that THIS will be the time....and, occasionally, it is.

Life is one big wonderment.

So enjoy it.  Learning is endless.  Thank God.


Dannon Rhudy

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colleen and mel did a high fire/kick ass firing in my gas kiln.
it was a going to be a shino magic firing.

little did we know.  as many of you do know...shino can be tricky
and nasty.  it was.

the kiln was stacked really tight as she had 16 large plates to test
fire for a set of dishes she is doing.  all shino.

i had some nice tea bowls, and other pieces.

the firing was fast and glorious.  i was thrilled...good reduction,
nice down fire.

when we opened it was like four different firings. one awful..brown, bubbly
shino, two, sort of nice but odd, three, orange and nice, no black..four
world class, perfect and just what we wanted.
but, some of those pots were six inches from the crap.  it was mind
blowing.  and, many of you know i have been doing shino for 15 years...and
writing about it. `how to`.  it helped prove, i know nothing.

so, we found out again, never trust a shino...one bucket of glaze, four totally
different glazes, color and texture...all in one kiln.

but, the bottom line was really good...it was one of those firings that help to
teach colleen `DO NOT PREDICT THE OUTCOME.`  shino is a terrible lover.

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