[Clayart] shino again

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sun Sep 15 08:31:40 EDT 2019

it should not be forgotten that clayarts own dannon rhudy
was a very influential user of very hot, melted soda ash
as a surface decoration on shino glazes.

she boiled water and added as much soda ash as it would
take.  it could be sprayed, painted whatever.
she taught me the technique and we know nils was intrigued
by her work.   i even used one of those `hot trays` to keep
my soda ash hot during decoration time. (it would crystallize
as soon as it cooled. )

pete pinnell had his students doing test with saran wrap and
other systems to mark out part of a pot for hot soda decor.
he was the one that did tests on waiting for a few days for the
soda ash to migrate to the surface of a pot before firing.

lots of folks mess't with shino and soda ash.
we thank them all...sharing ideas was the root of a great
deal of happy work.  (but the kick in the butt always happened
sooner or later. hank smiles)

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