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"Hard to imagine how too much technology can actually eliminate the
dialogue between artist and medium. Technology is just another tool to
provide information in the endless search for understanding the medium."

I think this is a question of too much of a good thing. The reductio ad
absurdum of estrangement is industrial production in which the maker and
process are so atomized that there is hardly any dialogue available. A TA
at school pointed out to me, while watching beginners throwing, how often
they would go past a nice pot before they quit throwing. They had not yet
learned to listen to the clay but were using the technology of the wheel to
impress their vision on the clay. Yet we all come to clay with a vision of
what we want to make and the dialogue is a balance between our vision, the
tools we use and the clay.
How much technology we use becomes more a matter of taste.

Seola Creek
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