[Clayart] The changing ceramic art scene.

Antoinette Badenhorst porcelainbyantoinette at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 10:19:22 EDT 2019

Or shall I say, long time changed scene of ceramics.

Some years back I wrote an article in Ceramics Technical. At that stage I
reported about the difficulties that Ruth Duckworth had when she began to
do sculptural work with porcelain in a world that wanted to keep porcelain

Over the years I have seen how the clay scene kept changing from realistic
to abstract to absurd and maybe the extreme of absurd. Nothing wrong with
either one of those, but somehow I get the impression that these severe
changes does not happen in other art medias like glass, wood, painting etc.

Is that my imagination, or is it that clay artists who were the underdogs
all throughout the centuries are pushing to be recognized as artists? If
so, are they going in the right direction, or are they alienating
themselves more and more from the normal world we live in?

How honest are these artists with themselves?
Is it just me, or are all normal art rules out the door?

Most of the images of the pieces in this show:
http://www.kicb.co.kr/vote/list? did not stir any emotion in me. Some
impressed me with the technical execution and some I thought was not so
well executed.

I was wondering what is wrong with my judgement and thought it is worth a


Best wishes,

Antoinette Badenhorst

PorcelainByAntoinette <http://www.porcelainbyantoinette.com/>


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