[Clayart] "Old Cowboy Potters"

William Lucius iacr at msn.com
Mon Sep 23 12:55:58 EDT 2019

Although I would be the last person to denigrate the "Cowboy Way", I believe that what you are referring to is the tendency of some folks to strap themselves on top of a bull just to see what happens.  That is not how I have ever approached firing pots, but I do like how the phrase excites the imagination.  Perhaps I will find a way to work it into my Email signature line.

William A. Lucius
Independent Scholar and Ceramic Archaeologist

"Maybe I've been influenced by the old Quakers who believed it was a moral question always to consider what you're leaving behind.  Why not?  It's not a bad measure of a man - what he leaves behind.".
William Least Heat Moon
Blue Highways: A Journey into America

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