[Clayart] The changing ceramic art scene.

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 23 18:35:56 EDT 2019

Antoinette, I enjoyed the Korean ceramics except for a few pieces, but 
it brings to mind the mind set of the ceramic world when Pete Voulkos 
started doing sculpture.Then Arneson, Richard Shaw, Stephan DeStabler, 
Clayton Bailey & Viola Frey to name a few changed the clay image 
completely. But there were always great potters still doing traditional 
work. I think glass blowers have stuck to pretty much the same imagery. 
But painters have done some really non traditional work, along the way. 
I do think in today's world the word "normal" is a distant definition. 
Too bad the images on the Korean site were so big, at least on my 
computer, it was hard to see them without scrolling back & forth. Mike 

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