[Clayart] to sell or not to sell, is it art?

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As always, well said.


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> On Sep 24, 2019, at 12:00 PM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> one has to make clear choices if you are going into the market place.
> selling art or craft means you have a daunting task in front of you.
> you will earn money the hard way. alone.  or, you give away 60 percent
> to someone to sell it for you.
> you have to be organized, know your customer, do taxes and deductions etc.
> there was a fellow near me selling at the uptown art fair years back.
> he taught me a great lesson.  he did not sell much, i had a very brisk sale.
> i chatted, was open and asking questions of folks.  in other words, working at
> selling.
> down the way there was a guy that was selling melted beer bottles into spoon racks,
> he sold hundreds...he ran out.
> when the show was over and we were all packing up...he looked down at the beer bottle
> guy and said...`who the hell would buy that crap?  the public sure has bad taste.`
> most of his stuff was still in his booth.  mine was gone.
> i said...`i don't think we should blame the public for having good or bad taste,
> i try and make things that folks might buy..it sure is not the customers fault..they
> buy what they want`.  i walked away.
> and for the rest of my life i have said....`if they don't buy your crap, make crap they will buy.`
> if you are on a journey of self expression, art, internal messages and working for only the
> joy of making stuff...don't worry about selling...make what you want....
> as paul wrote this morning..(paraphrase) .`it is your journey...define what you want to make of it. no one
> can put it down, or call it names.  it is your journey.`
> my journey has always been to make work that the public will respect.  it works for me.
> i have no problem with beauty. i have never wanted to puke in the public's face.  i just want
> folks to find my work pleasant, and usable. that is my message.  i know for sure,  am in the
> gift business..that is defined.
> others have political messages, religious messages or societal comment.  i leave them to it.
> just stay out of my face.
> art is one the most personal things on the planet.  you do what you want. it is all choice.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com

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