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My Sensei, Yoshiro (Yoshi) Ikeda, and undergraduate professor Glenda Taylor, and her professor ( the professor emeritus at my graduate school) all taught taught to "keep the walls consistent", "set the rim", and always reminded students that these basics were part of the essential understanding of clay forming. They went on to explain that as these and other elements of the forming process are mastered, a potter gains the freedom to use the dialog they now have with the medium to inform their creative process. 
   Simply said, if you know how to make a good form you can then push it, deform it, deconstruct it, embellish it or let it be perfect as it appeared. You will also have the wisdom to know what you are looking at. Often amazing wabisabi pieces were pointed out, but always the distinction was made between those arrived at by wisdom to allow the clay freedom or luck to stop before inexperience destroyed the piece. Laughter and good humor always played a part in those critiques.
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> taught to "keep the walls consistent", "set the rim",

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