[Clayart] Just want to say goodby

Jim Brown jbrown1000 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 14:50:14 EDT 2019

I guess one could say this is the straw that broke the camel's back -

"ray bogle spent a few hundred hours
building a site with pix support and special requests
for clayart people.
no one used it..at all...never.
he was moderating it from home.
one month he had one request.
nothing happened.
i took it down.

this is an email site.
it will remain so.

if some do not like it.
clay buddies has pix. but, it is not moderated
so, you get what you get." - mel

This after my post -

"" Anyone interested in some pictures - I just need a place to show them." -

OK, I have to say this - we are in the 21st century and we can't post pics
to this site?  Unbelievable - especially when we are talking about subjects
that one really needs to SEE the subject - color, shape, etc.  df

But, hey, we wouldn't want to change anything, huh?" - jim

I, and others of you, had seen replies like this before from Mel - I don't
like a dictator, in the White House or in life - so I say goodby.  As for
the White House, I vote with my ballot - at least, as long as I still have
it in this country.  As for clayart, I vote with my feet.

I have enjoyed reading so many fine posts from many of you and, like we all
do as we go through life, have learned a lot.  I will miss - most - of the
discussion and people that are on clayart.

And, oh, Mel - ClayBuddies IS A MODERATED SITE - WITH SOME 33,000 PEOPLE ON
IT, many from Clayart.  Seems they voted with their feet as well.  :)  Oh,
and about this being "an email site" - got news for you, I can attach pics
to my emails.

Goodby all - see you on ClayBuddies. - Jim brown

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