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Right on, Vince.  I remember a clay conference at Syracuse University when
the speaker, an art critic, called her audience of potters, sculptors, etc.
"you people".  This was 8 years ago or so.  She was roundly booed.  The
bias still continues, alas.

ginger d-d

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 10:52 PM Vince Pitelka <vpitelka at dtccom.net> wrote:

> Gregg, say it ain't so!  Come on, beautiful pots are valid works of art
> just like paintings and sculpture.  The idea that some art is so lofty and
> untouchable as to be suitable only for the wall or the pedestal is absurd.
> Okay, I'm not going to touch people's paintings, but that's what is so
> special about functional pottery.  It can be just as valid as a work of
> art, and yet you get to touch it and use it every day.  Functional art
> rocks!
> - Vince
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> Hi Paul-
>    I guess i am confusing you. i make functional pots. good pottery.
> this discussion as i understanding it is about 'art'.  The lofty place
> where painters are gods and potters are dirt.  I make distinction between
> the two. hope this helps.
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