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Snail Scott claywork at flying-snail.com
Mon Sep 30 21:48:50 EDT 2019

> On Sep 30, 2019, at 1:20 PM, wschran at twc.com wrote:
> 	There are several "clay" groups on Facebook, "Clay Buddies", etc.,
> ALL, everyone of them is moderated, some by several moderators…

I am also a member of ClayBuddies on Facebook. It is sometimes just too much to scroll through, though, so I don’t keep current on it very often. Basic questions seem to get inundated with responses of varying reliability, and good information tend to get buried in the sheer volume of commentary. There is also a huge amount of "what happens if I use (brand-name glaze color) over (other brand-name glaze color)” and similar questions for which the only possible answer is “Try it and find out”.  Other Facebook groups can be a bit balkanized, though, as every specific process acquires its own group. I appreciate the diversity of Clayart, and the exposure to ideas and processes which I do not necessarily use myself, but which keep me from getting into too narrow a rut.

I also appreciate the camaraderie of Clayart, where it is possible to get to know people in a bit greater depth. It allows for an ongoing dialogue on several topics at once, and for keeping discussion threads connected. It also permits longer, in-depth postings that don’t suit the formatting of Facebook. 

Neither of these platforms is worth much without a  minimum level of civility governing our behavior toward others, though. Play nice!


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