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Thanks, Alice. Peter King’s work is wonderful!
And love the simple recipe 

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> Peter King’s recipe for outdoor sculpture and tile is 1/3 EPK, 1/3 fire clay, 1/3 medium grog. He fires to cone 6. Shrinkage is around 10%. It is based on and passes the test that Val Cushing wrote about. I have used the clay quite a bit for making tile and some pretty large pieces. Look at Peter’s web site to see the kind of work that he has made with it. If you haven’t seen it before, you will be bowled over.
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>> Looking for suggestions from some of you fabulous experts - best Clay for cone 5-6 garden art?
>> What attributes should a clay body have for surviving outdoors?  More ?open?, more grog, less something? Do you have a favorite recipe or commercially available body you love?
>> I?ve only made small things with smooth clay but want to venture into larger garden sculptures this spring. 
>> I normally fire to cone 5 or 6. 
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