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Yes tell it Mel,
At one time I couldn't see myself past (Woof) Wood Firing at cone 10 to 14, but pottery and clay has been my life since childhood.
So when moving to Oregon I got busy with cone 6 electric as stand in until I could build another wood fired kiln.

But!!! I fell in fascination with what I was exploring and results I was getting as a reward for this serious cone six electric involvement and I have no desire now to stop electric to get a personalty compatible crew together, acquire wood, dry the wood to the snap crackle pop condition in a wet coastal climate, and all the other time consuming wood fire activities.....

***I have my cone six stuff flying off the table.  My cone six electric glazes appear like reduction glazes,  I offer vitrified cone six "Raku" (one can really use and won't leak or turn green)  And when I choose, I have a " Wood Fired" look that is on par with actual wood fired pieces, right down to the runs and drips and "gnarly ash and flash" with "smart pill" marks and flame patterns on the pot bottoms.

We are offering hope, information, and means for Gas firers who aren't looking for a good excuse to quit anyway!!!


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there have been posts about people shutting down studios. it can be
very sad.  but, there is hope after gas.

i have worked very hard to create a new clay body that is the
same as reduction gas firing.  it works.  most of you have seen
all the stuff about it.

in the same way, i have made a couple of very simple glazes that
work wonders at cone 6-7. and i speed fire.

i have a very small paragon kiln that is 60 amps. it is quick.

so, using mel6 clay...my equal amounts of glaze materials...a couple
of `new` 3 gallon black pails full of colored glazes...i could make pots for
the next twenty years and have a ball.  small space in the corner.

i have never had so much `fun` in my studio.  colleen and i just laugh
when we open the kiln. bright colors with a dark brown clay body.
anyway...think about it.  don't give up yet.

website: www.melpots.com<http://www.melpots.com>

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