[Clayart] Mels cone six glaze proportions?

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This is the kind of information you get when you look at the Seger  
MOlecular formula of this glaze.

This is a high calcium glaze, a variation of Tony Hansens (Digital  
Fire) 5x20 glaze. A clear shiny glaze with good stability. Reading up  
on colour response to high calcium glazes is recommended.

I used 6 EPK and 6 Old Mine 4.

The expansion with the old Custer spar might craze on some bodies,  
with the current Custer it will fit well on many cone 6 bodies.

When I added 17 zircopax the expansion dipped a little further so it  
could possibly shiver on some clay bodies so if you opacify it, test  
it well.

If anyone wants to know how to test a clay/glaze combination for  
shivering (body contracts too much more than the glaze) I can send my  
testing procedures.

It should be measured by weight - not by volume.


Quoting Roxanne Hunnicutt <roxhun at gmail.com>:

> Is this mel6 glaze?
> equal parts:
> 17 - feldspar
> 17 - wollastonite
> 17 - silica
> 17 - 3134
> 16 -  mix of ball and epk
> 16 - tin and zircopax mixed for
> opacity. takes oxides like a dream.
>  mel, or how to make it!?!
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