[Clayart] rox, no shivering.

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I was lucky.  I found a post office scale at a government sale about 15 years ago.  Great for measuring weight. 

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Volume versus Weight in recipes... some key points.
I never use volume, only weight.
I sell ground clay of various mesh sizes and know that 30 mesh grind is way 
heavier per unit of volume than ultra fine airfloat.
A typical size 50# bag for 30 mesh clay can only fit 30 LBS of airfloat 
because it is so fluffy and full of air.
Clay ground during cold weather is much coarser overall than clay ground 
during the hottest days of summer so that also contributes to volume versus 
weigh differences..
That variability would ruin most glaze recipes.
I wanted an inexpensive portable scale and noticed the Post Office had a 
digital postal scale for $35.
I was surprised to see it is accurate to 1/10 of an ounce! It can weigh 
letters accurately and goes to 25 LBS!
I now use it for the main ingredients in glaze formulation.
A 5 gallon batch normally is 10,000 g = 22 LBS.
It also has a tare function so I put the container on and then turn it on.
Easy to use and very portable.
Take a look at the scale to see if you can use it for that price,
Michael Wendt

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i measure my glazes by weight.  very carefully.
i only use this glaze on mel6, and fire almost always
to a perfect cone 7, with a one hour down fire at
about 1850F.

i have not lost a pot with this combination.
ron sent me this glaze a number of years ago to use
as a pure white, with a jet black.  electric fired.
it has never shivered.
i use custer spar all the time.

when i send glazes it is assumed that no glaze fits all.
no glaze is just perfect because it is written on a piece of
paper. it all depends.
clay body is always number one.
fit, timing, thickness. and, what do you consider cone 6. almost bending,
flat over and melted?   people have strange ideas.

most of my glazes are measured in pounds. i convert from grams.
i have a really nice large food measuring scale.
and i have tested this glaze carefully...and it fits mel6
like a glove. and, i tested mel6 over and over. did the
bars in the boiling water with extreme care and exact
weight.  brand new digital scale.
ron would call me a poop if i did follow his instructions.

if you want to sell pots, it helps to make them to not
shiver. those little glass chips caught in the throat makes
customers crabby.

website: www.melpots.com

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