[Clayart] advice on bisque firing

carol at knighten.org carol at knighten.org
Sat Feb 8 01:54:00 EST 2020

Hi -

I'd like suggestions re a bisque firing.  I like to bisque to C/04, that is
the only part of the bisque firing where I know what I want to do, or why.

I'm firing an english grolegg porcelain from Tacoma Clayart center.  My ware
is relatively small utilitarian kitchen ware, dishes, plates, bowls.  Bowls
are never over 16 inch diameter. Nothing is over 3/8 inch thickness.

Other than getting the ware fully dry before going above water boiling
temperature, what are the relavant parameters?


    Carol Marians       
    (541) 296-4528
  carol at knighten.org 

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