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I use the same clay from Clayart Center.  Even if the pieces are bone dry, I candle to 150 degrees for at least four hours, with the peep holes unplugged and the lid propped open about 2 inches with a kiln post.  after the candle is done, I close the lid, replace the peep plugs, and let the fire continue normally.

What's going wrong with your bisque fire?

Stay muddy,

Tig Dupre
Port Orchard, WA

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Today's Topics:

   1. advice on bisque firing (carol at knighten.org)


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Subject: [Clayart] advice on bisque firing
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Hi -

I'd like suggestions re a bisque firing.  I like to bisque to C/04, that is
the only part of the bisque firing where I know what I want to do, or why.

I'm firing an english grolegg porcelain from Tacoma Clayart center.  My ware
is relatively small utilitarian kitchen ware, dishes, plates, bowls.  Bowls
are never over 16 inch diameter. Nothing is over 3/8 inch thickness.

Other than getting the ware fully dry before going above water boiling
temperature, what are the relavant parameters?


    Carol Marians
    (541) 296-4528
  carol at knighten.org

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