[Clayart] sand

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Feb 13 10:32:25 EST 2020

there is that old saying...`sand is sand`...well, not really.
i have always bought builders silica sand from a big box store.
and of course with a nice 30 mesh screen you can always get
the big stuff out of any playground sand.  but.

i am trying a new silica sand.  it is `swimming pool filter sand`...it is
really a natural quartz sand.  i just put it into about 300 lbs of mel6.
fires well. but, it sure is hard. you can hear it crunching in the blades
of my pug mill.  it is almost a clear sand. transparent.

as most of you know i collect an iron bearing sand from lake superior.
have for years.  i run that through a large 30 mess screen. and use like
a half cup for 200lbs of clay.  it is really taconite tailings washed up
on beaches.  at cone 10 it burns through to the surface of the glaze.
nice speckles of a variety of sizes.

i love a groggy,sandy clay body. open, and it dries well, no cracking
and it just gets dry fast as can be.  fussy free.  and i have grown to
love that feel of a sandy body.  that baby pooh white stuff makes me

so, i am always raising the flag for sandy, groggy, iron rich clay bodies.
i love them.  and my last batch of mel6 is the most beautiful dark rich
brown color...even leans to black. next to the wonder glaze..pure white.
ron roy is my hero for life for sending me that recipe. it is such a great
electric fire glaze.  i am a happy boy.

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