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Hi Jeff,

When Peter Sohngen wrote his article on cristobalite he used different  
sizes of silica sand. He could not find graded silica sand so he  
sieved his own.

Fine silica sand does not convert to cristobalite like silica flour -  
one of the eye opening points of this research.

Looks like graded silica sand is becoming difficult to find now - good  
luck and let us know if you find some.


Quoting Jeff Abney <rakuyaki at gmail.com>:

> I have a clay body recipe that calls for "fine silica sand." I know that
> silica is readily available from ceramic suppliers, but what about silica
> sand? I'm thinking that the type sold at home improvement stores might not
> be fine enough particle size, but I'm not sure what particle size I really
> need. Can anyone offer help with this?
> Jeff in north Georgia
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