[Clayart] Passing of one of us.

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This is sad news.  I am not sure how many people knew Chuck.  I didn't
really know him very well, but he and I were the two Americans at an
international symposium on terra sigillata organized by the faculty at Dokuz
Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey in 2007.  We stayed at the University's
summer camp on the Aegean Coast for two weeks, twelve international artists
working together in the studio, making pots and sculpture, trading ideas and
stories.  We had a wonderful time, and Chuck and I hung out quite a bit.  He
was married to a Turkish woman from Izmir, and thus had strong ties to the
area.  He was an extremely talented artist, and it always surprised me that
he didn't get more national attention for his work.  We communicated
periodically after that, but I had not heard from him in several years.
There is no obituary for him online, so his passing must have been very

Terry, do you know anything more about his passing?  You can reply off-list
if you wish.
- Vince  

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To all;

Short note to let the members know that Chuck Wissinger passed away.

Best regards 

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