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Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Tue Feb 25 16:30:18 EST 2020

Don't know how many amps you need for a much smaller kiln.
Have to figure that out when you find the kiln.  

You can (and should/my opinion) vent through a window if
your kiln is in basement. It is easy to do so; you can
use a vent fan and pipe it right out the window.  Just
replace a window pane with a piece of plywood with a
hole cut into it that fits the vent pipe. Attach pipe
securely.  I don't use
that method, but have seen it done.  If you place the
kiln in a small shed that won't be occupied while the
kiln is firing, you can use a box fan blowing OUT to
remove the firing fumes.  Place the box fan in a window
and close any uncovered opening around the fan with
cardboard or plastic so that it keeps the air moving
out. Or, slide an old soft bed pillow into a plastic
bag, and stuff it around the side of the fan.  Makes
a near perfect seal, and is easy to place/remove. Just
need to see that the air inside the shed is constantly
pulled out.  And make sure that you have an easy inlet
for replacement air.  Does a good job of removing
both fumes and heat. 

Depending on the requirements of the kiln, you should
run a specific electrical line that has sufficient
amps for the kilns purpose, and a breaker box same.

Don't think an "extension cord" would be the right
thing. Indeed, I've never seen even the smallest kiln
run on an extension cord.  No doubt some have but - no.


Dannon Rhudy

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I’m moving for a year or more into a small house without enough room for my 27” and 23” vented kilns. 
Does anyone make a 16 x 16 x 16 inch interior bisque kiln that would work in a garden shed on extension cord – doesn’t sound right? Would probably need an electrician to bury a wire for the twenty feet away from the shed house. Does a garden shed even work for a kiln in the Northeast? That would be great if insulation is enough to weatherize!

Perhaps easier would be a something in the basement that is self-vented? without venting? Or venting through a window?

I’ll have 200 amps but much of it distributed already. 


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