[Clayart] outside electric kilns

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Feb 26 08:51:06 EST 2020

as with all things in harsh climates one
has to take care of outside tools.  kilns
are tools, they are work horses, they do
not have to be babied, but they must be
covered, under shelter and above all do
not encase them in plastic.  they become
green houses...water drips on the kiln
during hot and cold times from inside..same
for electric motors, like pug mills. do not
encase in plastic. i built a wooden box that
slides over the pug mill motor..clean air
flow. the rest is outside.

i have electric kilns at the farm, in the barn, in
a shed, under cover...they work fine.  the best system
that i suggest would be cover the kiln with a big old blanket.
under a roof.

as i say this, i realize that there are many
climates out there in clayart land.  from what
i have experienced it is folks near the ocean, or
salt air have the hardest time.  that rabbit in
texas can have his kiln out most of the time...except
when a big storm hits...then nothing works..i am so
proud of his rebuild, no whinning, just do it.

now that bill schran and vince live in the mid south
it is like summer all the time.  retired boys and their

i have had a large kiln in my unheated kiln room
for 50 years. they are fine. -30, they just sit there.

i will send another post with a free offer of my kiln book.
a large section on electric kilns.

website: www.melpots.com

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