[Clayart] free offer, books and stuff

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Feb 26 09:09:00 EST 2020

every year during money donation time i remind folks
that my (our) "21st century kilns"  book can be had by writing
me at melpots at mail.com   .  i will send you a pdf copy
at no cost.  i have the downfire book too.  both of these
books have dozens of stories/ articles by clayart professionals.
you get the real fact...not an ego laden story with 50 pix.
they are work books.
arnold howard wrote the entire chapter on electric kiln
maintenance, repair and care. it is a book within a book.
so, that kiln book has everything.  and the price is right.

also, i have three paintings on facebook..my page.
they are ready for download, then print them on a good
paper, and put them in a 5 dollar frame from target..
honest god painting by mel.  now there is a bargain.
(i actually got a jpeg photo from a former student, now
a doctor* in boston, he has 7 of my mini paintings hanging
in his waiting room. all sent as downloads to him over the
years.  that was sweet.)
* dave was the kid that went to the university of chicago
and found an abandoned gas kiln in the old clay room.  using
a long extension phone line, talking to me in mpls, he got
the kiln running (old alpine) found the air duct venting system,
got that running and fired that kiln for the 4 years he was
at college...he ran a clayclub.  it was far superior to the clay program
at the time. he was a hero.  and, he was a kid with courage and personality.
not a soul ever questioned his clayclub, or using the gas kiln.  (of course
he sold pots to students like crazy..had a business going. i love it.
website: www.melpots.com

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