[Clayart] Cone 6 grolleg porcelain and heat

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Thu Feb 27 11:30:37 EST 2020

Hi Liz,

I think clay or glass is a poor choice for a candle holder. Both can  
easily crack when heated unevenly. Many fires are started by candles -  
it's just not worth the risk.

Perhaps if there was a metal holder inside to contain the melted wax -  
that would minimize the risk.


Quoting Liz Hamann <liz at potsbyliz.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> I?m hoping you can give me advice on this question.
> Would a cone 6 grolleg porcelain container 3 inches in diameter  
> holding a poured beeswax candle withstand the heat of melting  
> candle?  Would a shade or covering over the burning candle made of  
> the same porcelain take the heat?  The flame would not touch the clay.
> I like the idea of the quality of light through the porcelain and  
> wondered if it?s worth trying.   Or is it better to use a white  
> stoneware?
> Thank you,
> Liz Hamann
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