[Clayart] Candles & messy melted wax - another option?

Ken Nowicki kenjnowicki at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 23:19:59 EST 2020

Just an FYI... I discovered this company recently that sells candles that burn pure liquid wax through a wick, instead of the actual wax candle . You simply refill the candle when it runs dry, sort of like an oil lamp, but it has a twist on lid. The lid can leak slightly if tipped over, but not very much. It’s because there is a very tiny hole in the lid to allow the liquid to flow freely to the wick.  Their candles will not melt, drip, or leak in normal use. There are quite a few elegant options to choose from, though they are not cheap, however it doesn’t appear you’d ever need to replace them either. I decided to try a few to see if we like them, just got them recently and they seem quite nice. No more messy candle wax! Buy once, cry once! Hahaha!


- Ken

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i agree with sir ron.  metal is far best.
any fired clay pot will work, but i don't do it.
i never sell candle holders.  no need to take the risk.

i do use flat plates to set candles on. wide open...not
trapped heat. i hate that hot wax going on my good furniture.
(we all do)  burning lots of candles means that at some point,
you burn your house down. (just a theory.)  ask the fire man.
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