[Clayart] green iron crystals (was leopard glaze)

Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 02:25:18 EST 2020

Hi Carol,
Thanks for the reference to Wikipedia (funny how data can clarify things!)
- it's been a few years since I worked with that pyroxene glaze
It's interesting that you find the nasty green mainly in lower-iron glaze,
but I suspect firing oxidation and to cone 10 could explain it. I fire in
reduction and currently to cone 6 and have never seen the green I dislike
except in high-iron glazes with 8-11% iron. Some glazes I tried out that
were specifically for teadust called for iron in the lower range, but
often  trended more toward the yellow than the green. A nice effect, but I
like the contrast against a dark background.
As expected, the most prominent (and greenest) crystals appeared when I was
soaking in oxidation below 2000F. I posted some pix with my best memory of
firing details, if you'd care to see the greenness of my greens:
I would love to have you working with one of the glazes I use - I could
learn a lot - but fear the oxidation-reduction gulf would prevent much
similarity of result.
Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com

> Thanks for the provenance on the pyroxene in glazes
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