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> Subject: Lithium crystals
> Hello, I’m hoping you can help me here. 
> I’m using this low fire glaze (04) called Hersch gold:
> Gerstley B.       31.5
> Neph Sye.          8.7
> Lithium carb.     8.7
> EPK.                    4.2
> Flint.                  34.9
> Whiting.             16.6

Yellow iron oxide. 8.
> I forgot to bring it from the cold garage into the heated studio and the lithium formed large crystals. In the past, after sieving them out, I’ve tried to heat up the crystals with boiling water, or then in the microwave. But when added back into the glaze they form again. The glaze works without the crystals (I got about maybe 2 cups of crystals sieved out of 1-2 gal glaze), but it’s not as interesting. 
> Any ideas? Should I throw in a handful of lithium, but how much is the question. 
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Sharon
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